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DELPHI CARD® Health Plan Management

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For over twenty-five years DELPHI CARD® has been developing innovative methods of funding group health plans and offering services that enable employers to better understand and control their healthcare costs.

3 key aspects of the Delphi Program
Insurance coverage pays large costs while routine or small claims are paid, up to a set amount, by the participant using an HRA, HSA, FSA.
Each participant has a DELPHI CARD® containing health care history and coverage that collects and updates data. The card is linked to participant’s health account for electronic payment to provider at point-of-service.

Therefore, when a participant sees a provider the provider has immediate access to patient’s treatment history, treatment provided is updated real time, and provider automatically paid at point-of-service.
A Delphi counselor-advisor proactively engages and focuses on the entire group where usually 90% of the particpants account for only 10% of the health care costs. Keeping any of those 90% from becoming part of the small number of high-cost-users has a high probability for significant savings.